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Statement Savings Account

This is the standard savings account at Bonneville Bank. You only have to maintain a low monthly average minimum balance of $50.00 to receive the disclosed Annual Percentage Yield and waive the $3 monthly maintenance fee. You may have up to six transfers from your account every calendar quarter without penalty. Any withdrawal over six during that quarter will incur a $1.00 charge per transaction

This is a great account for anyone under the age of 18 to learn about saving money. For custodial accounts for minors, there is no minimum average balance that needs to be maintained.

Certificates Of Deposit (CD)

Bonneville Bank also offers you a Certificate of Deposit as a safe alternative for you to save your money. Unlike a statement savings account with continually fluctuating interest rates, you get a fixed Annual Percentage Yield for a specific amount of time chosen by you. We offer a wide range of CD length's from 7 days up to 5 years.You may have the interest sent to you every month, or leave the interest in the CD accruing its own interest until maturity. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal.  Please see the Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure for details. The Certificate of Deposit is insured by the FDIC up to current applicable limits.

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